Your Dating Horror Stories. Will Rub Ur Nana 4 Clean Socks

Your Dating Horror Stories. Will Rub Ur Nana 4 Clean Socks

I Will Be Your Swerver This Evening

Maybe perhaps maybe Not my very own date, but nevertheless terrible. I happened to be a server at a Mass Ave restaurant and, for A saturday that is busy ex-boyfriend arrived in… with his brand brand new guy. They sat in my own part and I also had the pleasure of serving them on the very very first date together 🙂

And you’re.

I went into a close buddy of a member of family at a Colts game in which he asked me personally away for a glass or two. I became confident We’d seen their wedding pictures, and figured it was a mid-divorce, ask-anyone-out kind of the time in the life (we literally handn’t spoken in ten years). I reveal as much as a wine bar downtown and he’s sitting here speaking with an other woman, whom We figured he knew from something or business.

Nope. He simply bumped into her in a elevator and asked her in the future on our date. This woman and I also understood exactly what had occurred during the precise exact same time, making severe “Are you fucking joking me personally using this shit” eyes at each and every other and wound up mostly ignoring him to speak to individuals on either part of him and every other.Continue reading