8 guidelines & tricks to help make this your period that is easiest ever

8 guidelines & tricks to help make this your period that is easiest ever

It is most likely not surprising that only at LOLA HQ, we love speaking about our durations. I am aware every detail of my co-workers’ rounds, trade TMI with total strangers, and have always been the go-to myth that is menstrual for the men in my own life (no, women don’t use different size tampons since they have actually different sized vaginas).

But, simply because i enjoy dealing with durations doesn’t mean i really like getting my duration. A five-day fiesta of cramps, bloating, duration poops, and intense paranoia that I’ve bled through my tampon each time I sneeze isn’t my concept of a time that is good.

Fortunately, speaking with every complete stranger we meet about their duration has provided me personally the scoop that is inside the time scale cheats that actually work. Listed below are 8 things you should know to really have the period that is easiest you will ever have:

1. be ready: FACT: no one likes shocks of this duration variety. Use a period of time monitoring app to access understand your period. Particularly when you’re irregular, tracking apps might help unearth styles in regards to the duration of your period, when you’re many more likely to cramp, while the day that is heaviest of the duration.

Our favorite apps? Eve runs on the calendar that is simple to offer a few months of duration exposure, in order to be sure to prepare that romantic beach getaway sans duration interruption. We additionally like Clue, allowing you monitor just as much or as data that are little you would like. Willing to be a menstrual Macgyver? You can include in information around discomfort degree, release, intercourse, rest, and much more.

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