Linking Chromecast to hotel/enterprise WiFi with a extra laptop

Linking Chromecast to hotel/enterprise WiFi with a extra laptop

The Bing Chromecast will not support WiFi systems with captive portals ( e.g. hotel WiFi) or username/password that is WPA2-Enterprise/802.1X ( ag e.g. eduroam or other enterprise entworks). This gift suggestions an issue whenever wired internet just isn’t easily obtainable so we usually do not wish to utilize our data that are mobile.

The theory is that, it ought to be feasible to produce a WiFi hotspot from a connection that is existing but that is hard if the existing connection is it self WiFi and uses up a WiFi system card. There are certain theoretical choices, but I’d difficulty that is great them. To save lots of you the difficulty, this is actually the method that struggled to obtain me personally:


Use the controlling smartphone to connect with the protected WiFi community. Use USB tethering to talk about the bond with an extra laptop computer ( or any other WiFi-enabled computer). Utilize the laptop computer to produce a WiFi hotspot in connection mode.

This method works for both initial setup associated with Chromecast, as well as managing and streaming news.

Detailed guidelines

Connect with the WiFi that is protected network the smartphone, and finish the captive portal or login sequence as appropriate.

Link the smartphone into the extra laptop computer, and enable USB tethering regarding the smartphone. On Android, go to Settings в†’ system & internet в†’ Hotspot & tethering and USB that is enable tethering. This would be feasible on iOS, but i actually do n’t have a device that is ios test.

Utilize the laptop to produce a WiFi hotspot in connection mode. This can be easily accomplished using the create_ap package, running e.g on Arch Linux. sudo create_ap -m bridge wlp2s0 enp0s20u1 ChromecastAP wifipassword , where wlp2s0 and enp0s20u1 would be the appropriate community products from internet protocol address website link , and ChromecastAP and wifipassword would be the SSID and password you decide on for the hotspot that is new.Continue reading