Coronavirus infection (COVID-19). Coronavirus disease concerns answered

Coronavirus infection (COVID-19). Coronavirus disease concerns answered

COVID-19 in Canada

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Coronavirus condition concerns answered

About COVID-19. What exactly is COVID-19? Which are the dangers to getting COVID-19? How exactly does COVID-19 spread? What’s the incubation period for COVID-19? Just how many COVID-19 instances are here presently in Canada? Where could I find more information in regards to the instances reported in Canada? Where could I get COVID-19 given information specific to my province or territory? How do I change lives in Canada’s response that is COVID-19?

Symptoms and treatment. Exactly what are the signs and symptoms of COVID-19? I believe I might have COVID-19. Can there be a self-assessment if I need further care that I can do at home to help me determine? Can COVID-19 be sent whenever an individual is maybe perhaps maybe not showing signs? Can there be a vaccine or treatment that may treat or prevent COVID-19? We am feeling overwhelmed and stressed. So what can i really do to take care of my psychological state?

Prevention and dangers. What’s my threat of getting COVID-19 in Canada? What’s the distinction between quarantine (self-isolate) and separate? What exactly is real (social) distancing and just how does it assist to minmise COVID-19? I’m told to keep in the home whenever possible, but i actually do have no signs nor have We travelled away from Canada. Could I get outside? How do I protect myself from getting COVID-19? If the general population in Canada wear masks to guard on their own from COVID-19? Will there be a danger of contracting COVID-19 if We touch a surface which was possibly contaminated? Are Canadians at an increased risk for contracting COVID-19 if a package is received by them or services and products delivered off their nations? I will be pregnant, have always been We at a higher danger to get more severe results associated to COVID-19?Continue reading