Testosterone Treatment Enhances Erectile Function and Libido

Testosterone Treatment Enhances Erectile Function and Libido

Intent behind Review

Impotence problems (ED) and reduced libido are normal complaints within the older male populace. Present research reports have elucidated the part testosterone treatment (TTh) can play in guys with low testosterone amounts. The purpose of this review is always to offer a synopsis of the findings additionally the energy of TTh. We especially examine the part of TTh on erectile function, co-administration with phosphodiesterase kind 5 (PDE5) inhibitors, and libido.

Current Findings

Current magazines suggest that TTh improves ED that is mild could be less beneficial in males with increased severe ED. In guys unresponsive to PDE5 inhibitors sufficient reason for moderate ED, TTh can further improve erectile function. Testosterone therapy in addition has shown constant advantage in enhancing libido in guys with low testosterone amounts at baseline, without any extra improvements once testosterone levels are normalized.

The available literary works supports a part for TTh in males with low testosterone amounts, ED, and low libido, with symptomatic enhancement during these guys.


Multiple longitudinal studies have actually seen that as men age, they encounter a decline as a whole serum testosterone starting in the third ten years of life 1, 2. By age 70, 30% of males may have low testosterone levels 2. The outward symptoms of low testosterone include reduced libido, erection dysfunction (ED), reduced power, depressive signs, and tiredness 3.Continue reading