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But it would be wrong to think that the same division is enough to mobilize kids to effective learning. The key in this situation is the role of the teacher, who must be able to cope with the “monosexual” class. In the absence of an appropriate approach, teacher standing in front of a group of teenage boys could expect disaster. In the end, the lack of girls, to mitigate the behavior of boys, can greatly affect his educational achievements. However, if the teacher understands the behavior of boys and able to cope with the situation, the results of lessons can be surprisingly positive. Chris Nichols argues that sex education in groups, very pleasing to both students and parents.

After three years of classes among the girls themselves, students had to cope with group work and do not fear a sudden influx of boys to class. In a report published in 2008. By Ofsted, the British government agency dedicated to the education of children, highlights the maturity of above-average final grades of students Moulsham High School. Its director explained that, at least in part this is the result of separate education for girls and boys. In the discussion on the merits distinguish between male and female school also hear the voices against.

Anthony Seldon, headmaster of Wellington College in the English county of Berkshire, which attends 950 students aged 13 to 18 years, argues that the experience in teaching and research evidence in favor of coeducation in the classroom. To prove his words, cites a report published by Professor Alan Smithers of the University of Buckingham, who has studied the behavior of children in many countries in the world and proved that there is no convincing evidence in favor of the education of male and female.Continue reading